Lifting, Handling and Management of Equipment and Implements

Our range of solutions enables our customers to operate safely and efficiently.
Our solutions include:

Wire rope rewinding

SDRILL provides wire rope rewinding equipment ranging from 0.5t to 35t of trawling capacity and weight capacity up to 100t.
Our equipment is operated by a qualified and experienced team. Among the lines we act are:

- Mooring lines and anchors
- Cables and cranes
- Winch cable
- Tugboat cables
- Umbilicals

SDRILL also provides equipment for rental, for a certain period. Our clients can also hire our specialized team to operate the equipment, either onshore or offshore. Throughout the process, SDRILL provides complete technical and logistical support, assisting our customers throughout planning and operation, as well as after-sales support. The work is carried out with the highest safety standards.

Inspection, Testing & Certification

SDRILL has an experienced and highly qualified team, which can be deployed in the short period of time. We offer a wide range of solutions, whether "onshore" or "offshore", including testing, inspection and rewinding.

- Testing, Inspection and Certification of Cargo
- Wire rope inspections
- NDT testing
- Provision of specialized workforce
- Testing, Inspection and Certification.

Load & Rupture testing

SUPPLY DRILL offers load testing covering equipment of different sizes. The tests are performed by a specialized team to ensure the highest level of compliance and safety. Among the equipment where we carry out these tests are the following:
- Cargo handling Units
- ROV systems (winches and A-Frames)
- Cable ties made of steel and polyester
- Cargo lifting equipment and implements
- Spread Bar
- Naval and Offshore cranes

We are able to perform rupture tests on steel and polyester rope ties to ensure the materials are in compliance

Asset management

Our “Asset Management” solution aims to ensure that our customers achieve a higher level of use of their equipment and Implements by providing a customized management service that efficiently meets the needs of our customers.

Our “Asset management” service includes the following:
- Equipment tracking
- Storage
- Maintenance
- Repair
- Testing
- Online inventory

We offer technical support in all aspects of equipment and regulatory compliance by providing full examination of fixed and loose lifting equipment, ensuring that our customers are in full compliance with lifting equipment regulations (LOLER).

Equipment Rental

SDRILL provides varied options for equipment rental, all manufactured by qualified companies and maintained to the highest standards.
We offer Equipment Rental in flexible periods and conditions in order to meet the needs of our customers.
A complete Technical Support is provided to ensure our customers get the right equipment for their needs.

Among the equipment available for rental, we have the following:
- Load cell
- Hydraulic Unit
- Hydropneumatic pump
- Cavalete motorizado
- Motorized trestle
- Steel coils
- High capacity shackle

Wire rope socketing

SDRILL offers Onshore & offshore socketing – for wire ropes up to 160mm in diameter. Provided with trained technicians, we ensure a qualified solution that meets safety, reliability and performance requirements.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Non-destructive tests (NDT) are techniques used in the inspection of materials and equipment without damaging them, being executed in the stages of manufacture, construction, assembly and maintenance.
NDT include methods capable of providing information regarding the defect content of a given product, the technological characteristics of a material, or monitoring the degradation in service of components, equipment and structures.

Cargo Handling Project

Effective planning of a Cargo Handling project is critical to its success. SUPPLY DRILL offers the necessary support to carry out your Cargo Handling Project, from its elaboration until its conclusion.

Maintenance of Cargo Handling equipment and implements

Effective maintenance of cargo equipment is vital for reliable, safe and non-damaging performance. SDRILL has experienced staff and equipment that enable us to offer an efficient and safe maintenance solution.
Whatever the problem is, SDRILL can deploy Maintenance Technicians within 24 hours who have the expertise and experience to handle any malfunctions.

Maintenance of Hydraulic Equipment and Components.

Solutions that provide greater agility, quality and safety. SDRILL is able to meet the different demands of its customers in the mechanical area of the following hydraulic equipment and components:

- Gear pumps and gear motors, paddles and pistons;
- Hydraulic steering;
- Directional, relief and flow valves;
- Hydraulic cylinders;
- Hydraulic Equipment;
- Overhaul and assembly of hydraulic units;
- Hydraulic winch;
- Hydraulic jack;
- Gearheads;
- Hydropneumatic pump;
- Hydropneumatic equipment;
- Pneumatic equipment;
- Pneumatic tool;
- Pneumatic winch;
- Transmission box.